Cat.8 LAN Cable up to 40Gb/s
Capable of supporting a bandwidth of up to 2000MHz, it is reliably used for the connection of servers, switches, patch panels, and other high-speed transmission equipment in short-distance, large-scale data centers.
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Advanced Marine Fire-Resistant Cables Ensure Safe Return to Port within 180 Minutes
These advanced marine fire-resistant cables have undergone rigorous combustion testing and have been certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), meeting the "safe return to port" requirement within 180 minutes. Particularly in the event of a ship being on fire, they provide assurance for the normal operation of emergency communication and return-to-port devices, thereby securing more valuable time for rescue efforts.
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Cat 7A Braided Armored Cables for Outdoor Harsh Environment
These cables are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including humidity resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance, cold tolerance, and UV resistance. They ensure the stability of signal transmission and extend the service life of the cables.
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Next-Generation High-Frequency SPE Automotive Cables
ZTC's Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cables leverage miniaturization and high-speed transmission technological advantages, and have fully passed the most stringent third-party tests of "OPEN ALLIANCE TC2 100BASE-T, OPEN ALLIANCE TC9 1000BASE-T". They perfectly address the high-speed transmission needs of modern automobiles. The SPE technology has not only been maturely applied in the automotive industry but is also currently expanding into various application fields such as industrial automation and smart buildings. Given SPE's unique advantages, it is poised to become a major competitor in future industrial communication applications.
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Initiative in China: Self-regulating Electric Heat Tracing up to 250℃

Compared to traditional high-temperature mineral insulated cables, the super high-temperature self-lregulated heat tracing cables offer superior thermal conductivity and lower power consumption, truly embodying energy-saving and environmental protection. They feature optimized design, easy installation, long service life, and simple maintenance, among other technical advantages. Additionally, they are capable of online automatic control and remote automatic control functions. Shanghai Electric's heat tracing systems are widely used in applications such as ice and snow melting, anti-freezing and anti-condensation, as well as heating in process operations. We also provide a one-stop heat tracing solution. Our independently developed super high-temperature self-limiting heat tracing cables can withstand (tolerate) exposure temperatures up to 250°C.

KSR Self-regulating Heat Tracing

Max. Maintenance Temperature: 150℃ 

Max. Exposure Temperature: 250℃

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The Preferred Choice for Comfortable Heating - Electric Floor Heating
Electric floor heating utilizes constant power heating cables that are embedded beneath the floor or cement layer, with zoned control and utilizes a more efficient and convenient intelligent control system to meet heating demands. It offers the advantages of requiring no maintenance, easy operation, rapid heating, and a long service life.
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