Winter is coming, electrical heat tracing system made by Shanghai Electric provides insulation for industrial equipment

Time:2023-11-08   Views:576

After the Beginning of Winter, the weather will be rainy, and snowy with cold waves in most parts of the country, and the first snow often falls in some parts of North China at this time. Industrial equipment or equipment storing liquid media may have problems such as freezing, solidification, and frost on the surface when working in winter, resulting in various failures to reduce production efficiency, appropriate insulation measures must be taken. The electric heat tracing system is convenient to install, the self-regulating heating cable heats in electricity and compensates for heat loss, to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing and insulation. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and so on, and has become an indispensable part of the chemical industry, which can ensure the normal and stable operation of factory equipment in the cold winter.

ZTC Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ZTC") developed high-quality self-regulating heating cable for safe production and comfortable life. The self-regulating heating cable is widely used for insulation, anti-solidification, anti-freezing, and other situations of pipeline, and storage tank in oil, chemical, steel, electric power, and other industries. We can integrate and optimize the design of technical solutions for users according to different applications, reduce investment costs, provide reliable electric heat tracing systems and quality service, and solve various problems in antifreeze and insulation with one-stop service.

With continuous and dedicated innovative research by a team led by a Ph.D. in materials science from the Shanghai Electric Technology R&D Center, the self-regulating heating cable PTC polymer material formula system developed by ZTC has been scientifically optimized and has stronger anti-aging properties and Excellent temperature resistance characteristics, it can still maintain more than 90% of the power after passing the rigorous "12min ON + 3min 0FF" high-intensity on-off cycle test for 2000 times; the power remains as high as 95% for 1500 cycles under the IEEE standard, leading the industry level, long-term operating performance is stable and consistent; with the help of experienced manufacturing experts and uniquely designed manufacturing process routes, the key product technical parameters of the process have achieved better consistency, solving the phenomenon of uneven heating of traditional self-regulating heating cables.

More and more industrial users choose us. ZTC always focuses on user needs and wins customers' choice and trust with its ultimate products and services.



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