Quality Policy

Innovation & Efficiency

Innovation-driven development

Pursue higher production efficiency

Do Right First Time

Meticulous process

Achieve at the first time

Risk Management

Take actions in advance to achieve risk control

Continuous Improvement

Keep challenging, reviewing and improving

Customer Satisfaction

Actively respond and rectify as per request

Quality Inspection Process

Pre-supplier qualification & regular supplier re-evaluation
Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
Online Testing (IPQC)
Inspecting first. middle and last part of a reel of cable
Finished goods Quality Control (FQC)
Inspection of key process from cores to finished goods

Test Equipment

Our company has 60 sets of various testing equipment, which can greatly meet the testing requirements of various cables, effectively ensuring the electrical transmission performance, physical and mechanical performance, combustion performance, etc. of cables, providing strong technical support for research and development, design, and production manufacturing.
HP Network Analyzer
There are 8 high-performance Networking Analyzers, testing 25-pair cable simultaneously with a frequency up to 3G.
Network Analyzer for SPE cables
Testing frequence up to 20G
We have 5 FLUKE Network Analyzers, including FLUKE 1800 & 8000
Flame Retardant Testing Chamber

Enable various burning tests, including GB31247, CPR, UL and IEC60332-3-22/23/24/25, and is certified by CNAS.

Burn-in System
Oxygen Index Test Instrument
Gas Acidity Test Instrument
Tensile Test Instrument
Slice Detection Instrument
Heat Stabilizer
48-Channel Fully Automatic Data Acquisition and Cyclic Aging System
Capable of effectively simulating the long-term lifespan performance of products in their application environments. It provides robust technical support for R&D, design, and manufacturing processes.
Multi-function Power Detection Instrument
Capable of performing start-up current, steady-state current, and rated power tests within a temperature range of -40°C to 200°C, it records experimental data in real-time during the testing process and independently completes the plotting of temperature curves.
Aging Curve Tester
Suitable for rapid on-site testing of rated power at an ambient temperature of 10°C in production environments.
Rapid Power Tester
It simultaneously enables the alternating cyclic power testing of 12 self-limited temperature heating cables under both high and low temperature environments, autonomously completes the power curve, and allows for remote real-time monitoring.